Different Stucco Types and Finishes

Stucco has always been a preferred choice for buildings all over the world because it can be used to stylize facades while also adding a splash of color and interest. It is mainly a plaster made of Portland cement which is applied on the walls for covering the surfaces both inside and outside of the buildings.


When applied professionally, stucco can be:

  • Extremely durable
  • Fire-resistant
  • Needs little maintenance
  • Can be mixed for creating varieties of textures and finishes.

There are unique and versatile stucco finishes available that can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a building. Exterior stucco treatments that are long-lasting, simple to apply, and aesthetically beautiful are available from various stucco contractors in Ohio.

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Types of stucco

Stucco is mainly of two types:

  • Traditional or three-coat stucco.
  • Synthetic or one-coat stucco.

Traditional stucco


Builders and home remodeling professionals have been using traditional stucco for home exterior siding.

  • The main components are sand, water, lime, and Portland cement to increase durability.
  • Lime helps in molding the stucco easily.
  • At times, glass and acrylics are also added for strength.
  • Lath, a solid mesh base is added or else pure cement stucco will crack.

Synthetic stucco

It does not need lime and cement-like conventional stucco.

  • They use water-tight acrylic resin
  • They can be used on foam board and dries uniformly and quickly rather than on mesh
  • The acrylic resin allows stucco to move freely and this makes it less prone to cracking and breaking

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Stucco finishes

Stucco is available in various colors and finishes and depending on its application, there can be numerous aesthetic textures too. let’s check the different stucco finishes that can give your building or house a unique façade.

  • Sand or Float: A common stucco finish with fine, coarse, and medium patches that can be used with both traditional and synthetic stucco and needs a single coat.
  • Dash: Creates a gritty, gravel, and bumpy look while shells, fine gravel, or pebbles can be mixed for a unique texture.
  • Cat or California: Creates a distinctive, simple and elegant look with small rough patches and large smooth areas and needs two coats with final touches by hand.
  • Santa Barbara: Used only in traditional stucco and uses fine sand particles for a unique speckled design.
  • English: Applied only in traditional stucco for adding sophistication and antique appearance.
  • Lace and Skip: This creates a semi-smooth texture with grooves and hides the flaws that can be repaired.
  • Worm: Contains big pieces creating tiny grooves that are smoothened with a trowel.
  • Smooth: Gives a silky, smooth, velvety, super-fine finish that can be customized for your house or office.


There is a stucco for you irrespective of whichever you choose for your home. Take the help of expert stucco professionals for making the choice that would go best with your home.


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