Superfoods to Boost a Healthy Diet – Know What Are They?

Superfoods to Boost a Healthy Diet

These days, everyone is busy with their daily activities like performing office work and household activities, managing kids, and more. Due to this hectic work, there is a chance to skip meals few times. To perform all these activities well, energy, protein, minerals, and other nutritional values are essential.

A healthy eating pattern can help with several health conditions including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, and more. There are few superfoods in the market that offer essential nutrients to keep you energetic all day. Moreover, these foods enhance eating patterns. Meal replacement drinks are simple, quick options to gain some energy when you are too busy.

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List of superfoods


Nuts – Almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, etc, are good protein sources. These nuts have monounsaturated fat, so they help in lowering the chances of getting heart problems.

How to consume them: You can have nuts directly or try nut butter and add nuts to salads as well as cooked veggies. Also, you can try a vegan protein shake for a great taste and boost up your energy.

Berries – Berries are sweet and rich in fiber. Also, they have nutrients and antioxidants, which help in fighting against diseases.

How to consume them: You can even have them frozen. Just add them to smoothies, cereals, yogurt, or eat directly.

Whole grains – Grains are a rich source of insoluble and soluble fibers. They contain phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamin B, which help in lowering cholesterol. Also, they safeguard against diabetes and heart problems.

How to consume them – Replace wheat berries, brown rice, quinoa, or bulgur for baked potatoes. Eat oatmeal or wheat flour bread for breakfast.

Yogurt – It contains protein, calcium, and good bacteria, which protects the body from harmful bacteria.

How to consume it – Add more amount of yogurt to your diet. You can try yogurt with your favorite fruits and replace it with sauces, mayonnaise, or sour creams.

In addition to these, consume other superfoods such as tomatoes, leafy greens, fish, olive oil, and more, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Things you have to consider while purchasing shakes


Plant-based protein shake contains healthy carbs – 32g, calories – 278, and protein – 26g per serving, so they offer their benefits from reducing chronic disease to weight loss. By incorporating it into your diet, you can understand what nutrients you require, but you have to look at few things before purchasing it.

They include

  • Artificial ingredients – A protein shake made with artificial ingredients will not offer nutritional value. Shakes that contain added sugar appear in a different form.
  • Less good ingredients – You have to look at the amount of protein and fiber in the shakes. Meal replacement shakes that contain fiber 3g and protein equal to carbohydrates (in case not higher) in an 8 to 12-ounce shake are ideal.
  • Low level of calories – Intake of insufficient calories can cause fatigue, muscle loss, and a decrease in metabolism. So, choose shakes that offer an adequate amount of calories, which your body needs.

Many stores offer top-quality meal replacement shakes made with natural ingredients choose the best one and purchase today for overall well-being.


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