Switzerland’s Iconic Cow Toy – A Simple Overview About Its History and Importance

Swiss toys have become quite famous because of their hand-painted and handmade factors. Even though the toys are designed with the modern zing to them, they have not lost touch with its traditional values. Hence, children from around the globe love to have toys that are Made in Switzerland.

Iconic Cow Toy

Switzerland is a place that is best known for dairy products because the cow is the icon there. The cow has become an important part of Switzerland, and hence the wooden made cow toy is quite popular in the place. Cows are even considered as the ambassadors of the place as well because of their presence and popularity.

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History of Swiss Wooden Cow Toy

An alpine farmer once sat before the fire and took a wooden piece in his hand. The wooden piece was moist and was ready to be carved into any figurine. Since the farmer was a cattle lover, he started carving a cow out of the wooden piece for his child to play with a toy. He paid extra attention to the curves and dents on the figurine, because all he wanted was to see the happiness in his child’s eyes on a Christmas day.

History says that this is how the famous wooden cow toy in Switzerland came into existence.

Swiss Cow

Swiss CowIf you visit Switzerland, then you will notice that the animal that you will see for a maximum part in the whole place is a cow. The popularity of cows and dairy products is quite high in Switzerland and this factor has made people think that cows would become the National Animal of Switzerland if the place had any national animal to name.

Cows have even caused the economic progress of the place. History pages have shed light on the fact that the Switzerland locals started exporting their dairy products to many places in the 18th century.

Swiss Cow Toy Manufacturing Venture

The official production of wooden cow toys started in Switzerland in 1938. The success of the wooden cow toy has made it necessary for the official manufacturers of the toy to carry on with their family business from one generation to another. Now, three generations later, the cow toy has still not lost its popularity worldwide.

The locals believe that the wooden cow toy that is exclusively manufactured by them represents not only a sense of Switzerland but also the tradition of the place. Every time you find a wooden cow toy that is painted with red coloured patches, you can feel the beauty and elegance that it carries and also about the place that it represents.


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