Tango is Beneficial for those who are Socially Aloof or Introverts

Socially Aloof or Introverts

Learning Argentine Tango is not an easy proposition. There are various things to consider and so many steps to learn. It is a kind of ballroom dancing which is now entertained at various parties and events. It is known to be a sensual and romantic form of dance where the partners build a connection before dancing.

The dance is more about a strong relationship between partners than more about individual dancing. The dance consists of two partners the leader and the follower. The leader is the one who decides the steps on the floor and the follower simply moves along with his or her partner. Both partners embrace themselves with arms and only their chests connect. The movement of both parties highly depends upon their body balance.

Socially Aloof or Introverts

Ultimate Tango, which is owned by Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela provides the best Tango classes for adults in Greater Boston and globally. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they have started online zoom classes. Their unique method allows their students to learn the Tango in a short time. If you want to learn the tango, you’re in right place.

Learning the Tango is fun, but you also need to have a partner that understands your body language. It may sound weird, but Tango is a sensuous dance that speaks about sadness and lost love, therefore the dance partners also have to move with the same steps.

The dance is quite elegant and so the partners also have to behave in the same manner.

Basics of Tango Dance

Basics of Tango Dance

Mirada and Cabaceo are significant components of the Tango dance. Using the cabaceo method before asking for a dance is a polite gesture. It is a way of giving the follower also a chance to agree to dance to the same music. Cabaceo will look at the person’s eyes from wherever he or she is sitting (leader).

If the leader can catch the attention of the follower, then cabaceo can invite her for dance through eyes. The conversation at a dance event starts with intense eye contact with someone interested in dancing with you to the same music, this is called Mirada. When the follower nods at the approval of the cabaceo, then the leader approaches the follower and requests her to dance on the floor. This idea of not asking directly, but through the eyes is simply to make both parties comfortable.

Why is it called an introvert dance?

introvert dance

We all know that tango dance involves embracing through arms and only the upper torsos are pressed against each other. The two partners are close enough that they can feel each other’s breath. This embrace is considered a physical intimate posture which is generally considered inappropriate of the partner is a stranger. This is why Tango is considered a dance for introverts.

Many introverts are sensitive, high thinkers, intellectuals, analytical who study science, math, engineering, and are socially aloof and isolated. Tango helps these introverted people to maintain emotional levels, release stress, and connect their mind and body while moving along with a partner in their footsteps.

Basics of Tango Dance

Introverts are unable to communicate with the opposite sex. Dance is the best way of interacting with communities and overcome stage fright and intimacy fear.


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