The Right Shower Filter Can Change How Your Skin and Hair Feels After Every Shower

Almost every household has a water filter to purify the drinking water. The contaminants in the municipal water supply can harm our health and this is why we invest in the best filters available in the market. We, however, forget that even the contaminants in the water supply of our bathing water can affect our health negatively.


The high chlorine content of the water supply turns into chlorine fumes when we shower. These fumes get converted to THMs which are carcinogenic and have been found in about 50% of women with breast cancers. Apart from this, the hard water elements can dry out our skin, promote hair fall, make our hair frizzy and brittle, and cause premature aging of our skin and hair.

The simple solution to prevent this from happening is to install shower filters in our home. You can read authentic and reliable reviews of various shower filter brands on to choose the best shower water filter for your specific needs. The pros and cons of each water filter are listed on this website after their team has performed thorough research on each of these filters. You made informed choices after reading these reliable reviews.

Types of shower water filters


  1. Coconut activated carbon filters:

  • These filters contain the latest technology and are loaded with granular activated carbons.
  • Apart from efficiently removing chlorine, VOCs, and chloramines from the water, this filter also removes bad odor in the water supply.
  1. Vitamin C filters:

  • These filters are very effective at reducing the chlorine and chloramines content from the water supply.
  • When the water flows through these ascorbic acid-based filters, the acid neutralizes the chlorine ions.
  • The filter has 99% efficacy in making your water chlorine-free.
  • However, the filter lasts for about 2-3 months before it needs replacement because the ascorbic acid content keeps depleting with every use.

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  1. KDF filters:


  • KDF refers to kinetic degradation fluxion.
  • It comes as filter cartridges that are affordable, easy to install, and most popularly available.
  • It functions on the principle of a redox reaction to convert chlorine ions into harmless soluble chloride.
  • These filters can remove 90-95% of chlorine in the water and soluble heavy metals to some amount.
  • KDF filters cannot reduce the number of dissolved salts and chloramines from the water supply.
  • These filters also prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in the showerhead.
  • Scale formation is also inhibited with KDF filters at both hot and cold temperatures of the water.

By connecting your showerhead with an effective water filter, you can be assured that the health of your skin, hair, and even respiratory system remains protected from the harmful contents of the municipal water supply.

If you have furry pets like a Shih Tzus at home, you might have often encountered that their long and furry hair gets dry and tangled over time after showering with regular water. A good water filter can work magically if you want to maintain the texture and health of their hair.

Hot Shower

An effective water filter should be able to provide good filtration for at least 3 months without blocking the water pressure that comes out of the showerhead. Installing a water filter can benefit the health of the entire family and hence, it is an important investment.


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