Tiger Milk Mushrooms Healing Properties – Great Natural and Holistic Remedy

Tiger Milk Mushroom is Malaysia

Tiger Milk Mushroom is Malaysia’s hidden national treasure, which is gaining popularity in the health and fitness landscape. It is also called Cendawan Susu Harimau and Lignosus Rhinocerus. Traditional Malay, Orang Asli community, and Chinese medicines mention the use of TMM dating back to 400+ years ago. It was traditionally used to treat –

  • Asthma
  • Cough
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • Joint pains

Due to its high harvesting cost, deforestation, and unique growth needs have made it rare. Its scientific studies were generally impossible because of the unavailability of enough samples and inconsistent quality. In 2009, TMM was researched for consumer safety, biochemical & bio-pharmacological properties. Now, you can read research reports associated with the multiple health benefits of TMM.

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Healing properties of TMM

Tiger Milk Mushroom is Malaysia

Induces broncho-relaxation effects

It has proven to be effective in reducing the body’s response to allergens as it has high anti-inflammation properties. Thus, the symptoms of respiratory issues associated with sinus, asthma, cough, and allergic rhinitis can be taken care of. It can relax constricted airways.

When you breathe in air, it passes through bronchial tubes and enters your lungs. When the bronchus in your respiratory system gets constricted breathing becomes hard. TMM induces a relaxation effect and dilates the system for smooth breathing.

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Prescribed pain killers help to reduce joint pain but after some time they can trigger side effects. TMM is a holistic way of getting relieved from the excruciating pain and aches in the joints. It has anti-inflammatory properties that work in blocking the production of chemical enzymes that cause pain and inflammation in the damaged or injury sites.

Tiger Milk Mushroom


Tiger Milk Mushroom has high levels of anti-oxidant properties that can help to neutralize the free radicals produced due to physiological and metabolic reactions in the body. Due to oxidative stress, their levels increase in your body and start damaging DNA and cells. Collagen also gets badly damaged, which causes premature aging but TMM helps in revitalizing your body.

Strengthens immunity

The Glycan linkages in TMM can stimulate the immune response to fight against bacterial and diseases. It boosts the immune cells responsible to kick away infections ad well as eliminate uninvited toxins.

TMM capably harmonizes several cytokines, which are responsible for controlling the development and working of blood cells and immune system cells.

There has been a variety of toxicity studies but the tiger milk mushroom side effects are still not known. Unlike edible mushrooms, the roots of TMM called sclerotium are rich in medicinal value. These are grounded and consumed with drinks and beverages. A paste is also formed to apply as a topical cream.

TMM has the potential to become a superfood to help people strengthen their immune and respiratory systems!


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