Tips For A First-Time Movie Director

Planning to direct your first own project of the film can be intimidating. It is understandable that you get nervous. The task of a director needs many complexities and modalities to be considered and if they are not given an adequate amount of attention, then the movie may not stand the criticism of the crowds. This makes it essential that the director is good at his craft.


The director is responsible for presenting the movie and engaging the audience in the story of the movie. In this article, we will discuss all the things that you should do as a first-timer to deliver the best result to your audience. It goes without saying that these tips must not be considered as exhaustive as they are only meant for beginner and entry-level directors.

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Tips for beginner-level directors

Movie Director

Here are a few pointers that new directors must always keep in mind:

1- Importance of good scheduling- the importance of a good schedule can never be overstated. It is very important that you are ready with a schedule and you communicate the same to the whole crew. When you communicate the schedule to the crew, they perform better as they get on the same page as you are.

It is never an ideal situation to film the movie chronologically. The best strategy is to split the movie based on the location. Then you shoot all the scenes in one location in a go. Then you can divide the scenes on the basis of the need of the actors. You must discuss the availability of the actors and of the director of photography.

2- Choose the best actors and give them latitude- as a director, the star casting is not entirely in your hand. Screenwriters, producers and casting directors have an equal if not more share in the process. However, your goal should be to cast the best team of actors for the movie and then give them the freedom to understand the film.

Once they have understood the movie, they must be given latitude to act on their own to bring out their natural talent. It is not the job of a director to teach acting to an actor, you can only communicate your expectations to the actor.



The work of a director is not easy and you will be challenged multiple times while making a movie. However, the role of a director is most important.


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