Tips To Help You Search The Right Business Coach

These days, the complexities of running any business are growing alarmingly, and often the CEO finds the need of an experienced business coach who may able to guide him on how to sail through any difficult situation.

While hiring any eminent personality as a coach like Sayed Sayedy, you need to think of a certain process where a 2-way conversation can effectively take place to build a professional relationship.


Here not only you will be conversing with a potential coach, but a personality like Sayed will also be interviewing you for ensuring that it will be a “win-win” situation for everyone who is involved. You need to think of hiring your coach as a certain collaborative process, and surely you will get a very good result.

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Tips for hiring a business coach

  • Have a little more clarity about where you like to end up – Be as detailed as possible in your response. Unless you know what exactly you want, you cannot expect your coach that he will help you to reach your objectives.
  • Be open to accept your mistake – What you are aiming for may not be challenging enough, realistic, or simply wrong too. So, be open in accepting that, if that is what emerging out.
  • Try to seek different views – Working with a certain coach from an entirely different background can often bring out a new perspective. He may challenge your approaches and help you to see new possibilities.
  • Lay the groundwork – No coach will ever know about your business as much you know, however, he can help you to decide what you need and how can you deliver the best way.
  • Focus more on substance rather than style – A good coach will rather walk the talk rather than telling you how to change your logo or how you design your website. Avoid falling into such a trap.
  • Find the best option that fits your business – Ask your coach why he thinks you would be better suited to his approach, what happens if that is not the right approach and then how are you going to deal with that.

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  • Avoid one-size-fits-all coaching – Your coach will use all the tools that are available to him. Whenever you notice that those are not properly working then give the coach the flexibility to seek another approach.
  • Get stakeholder participation – Whatever conversation that you do with your coach must also be communicated with your staff so that they know the changes. Otherwise, the business coach will need more time in convincing them.
  • Manage your expectations – You cannot expect a professional coach who must have written many books on his field and guided successfully many businesses will charge you the same as a coach who has just got trained from an academy.
  • Set your terms mutually – Any experienced coach will generally offer his standard terms based on his experience and will ensure that it will work with you too. However, you may also add or delete any terms that suit more for your kind of business.

Any good business coach can always bring a certain new perspective to your business and can help you to reach a great height even during the toughest times.


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