Top Tips to Ease Down the Process of Breaking in Through Your New Leather Boots

Your New Leather Boots

Have you ever bought beautiful leather boots and later regretted because it was difficult to break into them due to their tough soles? Almost all men have been in these shoes and have found it difficult to get into the stiff and hard leather soles; these can even feel uncomfortable to walk on certain days.

Does that mean you will have to let go of your desire to lace up your favorite pair of boots on special days? The answer is no. Of course, you can knock off Doc Martens footwear easily and carry them comfortably all through the day. However, normally a leather boot needs to be worn for a prolonged time to get comfortable in it.

So, one way to make these boots comfortable and enjoyable is to walk in discomfort and blisters for some time. Let us consider if there are any other tricks that we can apply to ward off the initial discomfort and still be able to flaunt our red boots more comfortably.

Tips to make leather boots comfortable

  1. Choosing the correct sized boots:

    • While it is difficult to break into small boots; bigger ones cause blisters.
    • First, measure your foot size right with the help of a Brannock device either at a shoe store or if own one yourself.
    • Prefer shopping for boots in person after trying them on and walk around a bit rather than ordering from an online store.
  2. Use thick socks to break-in:

    • Wear thick socks, even 2 pairs if needed, and walk around every evening at your house.
    • This will eventually make the shoes more comfortable and ready to be worn on long, tiring days.
    • It might take around 2 weeks of use at home to stretch them enough for longer use.
  3. Use water/heat therapy:

    • Use water to make the leather of your boots pliable to fit you correctly.
    • This could be done by either immersing your boots in water or by wearing your boots with wet socks.
    • However, you must ensure that the sole of your boots does not shrink or gets damaged due to prolonged water exposure.
    • In the same way, heat can increase the pliability of leather. You can use a hairdryer for the same purpose.
    • However, similar to water; too much exposure can damage your precious pair of shoes.
  4. Using Band-Aid:

    • If you know the usual places you get blisters while wearing boots; putting a Band-Aid during the first few days of wearing a new pair.
    • Remember to use a fabric Band-Aid over the plastic ones.
  5. Using leather oil:

    • Apply leather or Mink oil on your new boots as soon as you get them home.
    • Keep applying the oil every week till they are soft enough to easily break in it.
    • You can apply oil monthly to keep the leather soft and healthy for a long.

Apart from these tips, you can also shoe stretchers to make small size adjustments when you have to wear shoes for long hours.


One more way to keep your leather boots stay more comfortable is by giving them at least 1 rest day in a week. It gives time for the moisture absorbed from your feet to evaporate completely.


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