Types of Food Items That Hydrate Your Hair.

There are too many supplements and vitamins for hair available on the market than it was earlier, but the new ones and the most promising ones are those that have silicium content in it. The silicium is important for hair growth according to modern research.

Types of Food Items

What is silicium?

It is also called silicon dioxide, silicium is made with two oxygen atoms and one silicon atom. In the quartz crystals, the minerals are visible in the raw form. Not many know that it is even a critical nutrient. Just like copper, iron, and other necessary minerals the body also requires silica to operate efficiently. These nutrients are also available with Fortisil OSA capsules.

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Health benefits:

  • It supports the joints.
  • Flattens the follicles of hair
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Supports the ph. balance
  • Makes the bone stronger
  • Fights from arterial plaque
  • Hydrates respiratory system
  • Helps in healing the wounds

Hair that seems to look and feel like it’s been through a natural disaster is actually being treated in an easier way than you must have imagined. When you eat healthily and well it benefits you in many ways. One of the benefits is getting nourishment for your dry hair. Buy Fortisil capsules online as a supplement if food is not enough.

Your Hair

Here is a list of a few foods that are great sources for hydration of dry hair:

·         Cucumber

In case, you are a swimmer or just love spending time in the pool on a daily basis, you must have noticed a change in your skin and hair that happens because of chlorine in it. There is a remedy for this dry hair and skin and that is – cucumber. Cucumber has silicium in it, which is great for moisturizing and improving the quality of hair.

·         Celery

Celery is not just a crunchy and low-calorie vegetable there is a healthy factor in it too. Celery has a content of silicium, vitamin A and vitamin C in it, you can add to your bowl of salad with cucumber or even make a hair mask out of it, both are a great source of hydration for your dull and dry hair.

·         Flax seeds

Flax seed is filled with sources of omega 3 fatty acid and lignin. Both of these nutrients have got an anti-inflammatory effect, that prevents hair from falling called cicatricial alopecia.  This is a situation where the hair follicles get dry damaged, and scarred in a way that it won’t grow healthy. Having a good number of flax seeds could fix things up in a better way.

·         Walnut

Walnut is great food for good hair as they are an excellent source of biotin which is a nutrient that helps in strengthen damaged and dry hair. It is also good to reduce hair fall and improving the hair growth.

Sometimes having a good and healthy food like this also won’t help so you can take an extra supplement like Fortisil OSA that assures the best results.


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