Few Easy Ways to Keep Your Pliers Properly

Pliers Properly

Pliers are quite sturdy tools, but still, several important elements need proper care and attention so that they always remain in usable condition. Few essential maintenances that you must do on your pliers are by correctly using them, regularly cleaning, oiling, and sharpening, and most important is how you store them.

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The following are the various reasons that are responsible for rusting of your pliers and how you can prevent them.

Store different tools separately

1.     Use regularly

One of the easiest ways of preventing your hand tools or even your other machines to get rusting is by regularly using them. While using them regularly, you will get the opportunity for clean dust or moisture sitting on its surface and as a result, the chances of their rusting will reduce.

2.     Avoid getting tools wet

Avoid getting tools wet

It is very important to take care of all your machines and tools. As far as machines are concerned, they must have proper cover. For your tools, you must keep them in proper storing boxes. You need to ensure that all your tools and machines do not get wet to avoid getting rusted.

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3.     Keep your tools clean

It is also important to keep your tools and machines clean. In course of time, dust and moisture may get accumulated on their surface that later may cause rusting. However, if you regularly clean your tools and machines then you can prevent rusting and also increase their life significantly.

4.     Store different tools separately

Store different tools separately

Various machines and tools are made from different metals. Therefore, it is very important to separately store them to ensure that different types of metals do not touch each other and initiate the rusting process.

5.     Control humidity and try to reduce moisture

For those who are living in a certain humid climate area or if your shop has no adequate airflow, then you must install a fan or certain dehumidifier.

You can also place silica gel packs within your toolbox, or the place where you store all your hand tools. Though, this option will not suit your machines.

6.     Apply protective coatings

Apply protective coatings

You can also use an effective rust inhibitor by using a thin layer of any non-oxidizing oil. But remember that oil also tends to attract dust, hence you need to maintain your tools even after applying such oil.

If you find that oil is not helping for rust protection, then you can paste wax too.

All these are a few important tips to follow for keeping your tools rust-free. You must remember that rust is bound to happen and to avoid any rust in the tools you must be very careful and also take proper care of your tools.


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