What can you do with a Human Services Degree?


Human Services Degree....Are your most important principles important considerations when choosing your career path? If you would like to work for organizations that facilitate change and improve lives, then you should consider a degree in human services. The bachelor’s or master’s degree in human services equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to begin and build a successful career.

What Is Human Services?

Human services entail providing services that the community, especially vulnerable members of the community, need. It ranges from anti-bullying campaigns to after-school programs.

Caring for the Community

Human services workers are tasked with helping people acquire amenities and services critical in helping them improve their situation. The most important requirement for human services workers is the understanding of cultural and economic environments in a community.

Considering a Human Services Degree

If you are interested in cooperating with communities in your neighborhood to improve lives and do some social good, then you should consider a University of Phoenix   Bachelor of Arts in Human Services. However, it is important that you gain some insight into the employment opportunities available for human services workers in your field of interest.

There are a few important considerations that you should make before choosing to focus on a degree in human services. Prospective earnings, educational expenditure in taking the course, and job availability for human services graduates are some of the considerations you should make beforehand. Below we have compiled some pointers to aid you in deciding if a course in human services is right for you.

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 Human Services Degree

Careers in Human Services

There are quite a few career options for human services graduates. Your personal and professional interests are your compass in pointing you towards the sector best suited for you.  Some of these opportunities include positions as a government employee in the justice system and working in healthcare facilities with non-profit organizations.

Bachelor’s degrees make you eligible for entry-level jobs in counseling, child welfare, and social advocacy. Acquiring a master’s degree expands the career opportunities available for you. Government (Justice System): The government seeks human services professionals at the federal, state, regional, and local levels. Careers for human services graduates include juvenile detention, liaison, and probation roles. These professionals ensure that court proceedings are conducted in a professional manner, maintaining a high level of ethical and legal compliance.

Community Services: outreach personnel performs the duties of being liaisons between government agencies and the people served by these agencies. Human services departments need highly educated human services experts to perform tasks like help people seek employment as well as screening for eligible beneficiaries of state and federal welfare programs.

Social Work: Social workers intervene in domestic abuse cases involving children, help them overcome harsh conditions, and in cases where children are found to be living in extreme hardship, intervene in providing them with special care. Social work is a great opportunity to do some fieldwork and gain valuable experience in the field.

Non-Profit Sector: the best employer in regards to compensation and terms of service in the non-profit sector.

Furthermore, working in social services enables you to work in diverse environments, which will make you well rounded and adjustable, which are skills that future employers value a lot. Coordinating group activities, counseling, and giving life skills instructions will remind you why you desired to work in the human services sector in the first place.

Health Services: graduates in human services programs do not become doctors or nurses, but their duties in the healthcare industry are just as important. A health services degree gives you the opportunity to work as a domestic health aide, community house worker, or an assistant in a home for the elderly, providing physical, mental, or emotional health services.

Human Services

Mental Health and Wellness: the mental health and wellness sector is one department of healthcare that has been growing exponentially in the past few decades. Psychological aides, crisis intervention counselors, and behavioral management aides are all positions open to health services graduates. They will place you in a very good position to help people living with mental illness. Rehabilitation centers also employ health services graduates to counsel and perform other intervention duties to drug and alcohol addicts. Acquiring a University of Phoenix master’s degree in counseling enables you to acquire a license in clinical mental health counseling.


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