When Should You Call Any Tree Remover and What Questions to Ask?

The worker cuts the stump with a chainsaw

It is necessary to grow many trees around your Denver home, as trees are very useful to remove pollution from the environment and also provide shade during the summer season. However, it is also necessary that you must cut or prune your trees through a certain Denver tree service professional.

You must call your professional for the Denver tree removal service when you notice the following:

  • When your trees are dead or badly damaged
  • When your tree has fallen after a storm
  • When the tree is grown so much that it can damage your home
  • When the tree is obstructing the traffic movement
  • When the tree is sick

Also, you must call from time to time a Denver tree trimming service provider when the tree branches have grown disproportionately and pose a danger to the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, tree trimming must be done in a regular manner.

Lumberjack sawing a chainsaw on mango tree.

Whenever you call such tree removal service then you must ask him the following questions:

Do you have any certified arborists on your staff? 

You must ask whether they have any certified Denver arborists in their company, arborist is a trained person who knows how to take proper care of any tree.

Do you have proof of insurance?

As the tree removal service is quite a risky job that can not only damage your property but can hurt any person in your household or in the neighborhood. If the service provider is not a licensed one then the responsibility will fall on you.

Which organizations does your company come from?

Besides certification, you must choose any reputed company, who must be recognized by a certain professional body e.g.

  • TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association)
  • ASCA (American Society of Consulting Arborists)

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When Should You Call Any Tree Remover and What Questions to Ask 3

Will I need any permit for cutting the tree?

Often in many places to cut or remove any large tree needs the permission of the local authority. Usually, these professionals are well aware of that and hence it is good to ask this question before undertaking such a job.

Since when have you been doing this job?

Before you offer the job to any professional related to tree removal service, it will be worth asking how much experience do they have as any inexperienced person may cause a certain safety hazard for the area.

Will your company use any subcontractor?

There are a few pros and cons of using the services of any subcontractor as quite often nobody takes responsibility when an accident or damage ever takes place during their work.

When Should You Call Any Tree Remover and What Questions to Ask 4

What kind of equipment will you bring?

All companies will come with their heavy equipment and before they bring them you must have some idea about their dimension so that you know that they can bring them inside your property in a safe manner. By knowing in advance, you can remain prepared.

Will you clean up the space after you are done?

After the tree pruning or cutting, lots of mess will get generated and hence you must clarify whether they will take the responsibility of clearing the space after completing their job.


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