A Few Dos and Don’ts While Stacking Any Products on Plastic Pallets

Before switching to a fresh pallet, pallet inverters are useful for inverting pallets. It is frequently employed for replacing damaged goods in the frozen food sector. It can be used to take out the freezer spacer as well.

Products on Plastic Pallets

The businesses listed below require a palettenwender (English Meaning = pallet turner or pallet inverter).

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food companies
  • Cheese makers
  • Printers
  • Concrete sections

A fixed pallet inverter makes sure that any product spills do not affect the entire warehouse. To stop damaged pallets from entering their material handling systems, businesses must take steps.

Broken pallets cause delays and may even be unsafe, which is why. For businesses that ship goods frequently, plastic pallets are among the most common types of packing. They aid in building compact and sturdy stacks of products and have a long usable life and a low total cost of ownership.

Making the appropriate decisions for how to use plastic pallets, though, is the only way to obtain all these advantages. The following are a few dos and don’ts to observe while placing any goods on plastic pallets.

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  1. For each shipment use pallets of the same type

Your pallets won’t fit exactly side by side in the truck if their sizes don’t match.

Just as hazardous as the spaces between the items on the pallets are the spaces between the pallets themselves.

For this reason, you should always engage with a reputable packaging business that will give you enough amount of identical-sized plastic pallets.

  1. Adapt palletization to every product variety

The pinwheel stack, the block stack, and the tapering stack are a few of the palletization patterns that are recognised as best practises. Each pattern works best with a certain product. For distribution totes, order shipment crates, and tool cases, the block stack is suggested.

  1. Whenever you can prefer a cubic shape

The most stable and sturdy packaging unit is the cube. It is manageable and can be organised within the trailer in a compact and effective manner. It can be tempting to use fewer plastic pallets in an effort to save transportation costs.

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An extremely tall stack, however, will collapse. Additionally, if you load the pallet beyond its maximum capacity, it can shatter.


Plastic Pallets

  1. Allow your products to hang out of your plastic pallet

Is a certain item too big to fit on the pallet properly? This indicates that your pallets are not suitable for your requirements. A recipe for catastrophe is to let merchandise protrude from the pallet’s sides. That item will eventually collide with an adjacent stack, resulting in damage.

  1. Use the pyramidal stack pattern

Unfortunately, because this is the method that supermarkets choose to employ to display their goods, this stacking design has gained popularity.

Large gaps between pallets are created by the pyramidal loading pattern, which also results in your shipment taking up more space in the trailer overall and, as a result, higher transportation costs.

Last but not the least, you must also consider a suitable arrangement for stacking your pallets properly. There are pallet stacking machines available on the market to keep them safe.


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