Important Information Woman Should Have on Substance Abuse and Pregnancy

Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs can have detrimental effects on human health. When a pregnant woman is exposed to these substances, her baby also gets exposed to these substances. All these substances easily cross the placenta to enter the baby’s bloodstream. Some women struggle with substance addiction while being pregnant. At those times, it gets even more difficult to quit such an addiction. Most women know about the inimical effects, but their rational thinking and dopamine effects don’t let them quit.


Substance addiction is also known as substance use disorder. It changes the way our brain functions. It damages our control system and makes us think only of long-term pleasure. In absence of those drugs, our brain starts functioning in an abnormal way, leading to anxiety, mood swings, uneasiness, and painful relapse. This is the primary reason a substance use disorder person will continue to use these drugs to get temporary relief from these problems.

Being in such a state of a substance use disorder, especially being pregnant might ruin her life permanently along with the upcoming generations. So, it’s essential to get rid of such addiction as early as possible. Luxury Los Angeles Rehab center, concise recovery is renowned for this. They have Accreted facilities, verified programs, more than 60 dedicated staff, and many more qualities, which makes it the best rehab center in Los Angeles.

Dangerous Effects Of Substance Abuse In Pregnancy

During pregnancy substance abuse leads to harmful effects on both the person and the baby, as the effect of any substance consumed during pregnancy is transferred to the baby. A drug used during pregnancy negatively affects the mental health and the growth of the fetus. It causes major issues during birth. The effect of different drugs on different women acts differently. So there is no one fixed treatment for this case. The only thing that can be done is to avoid the use substance use.

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Alcohol abuse leads to development issues in fetuses known as FASD, affecting a child’s health and ability to learn. Marijuana is linked to low birth rates and children’s impaired development. Even those pain killers used during pregnancy might lead to painful symptoms in the baby till 6 months of age.

Some normal issues which occur as a result of substance abuse are:

  • Irregularity in the functioning of the placenta leads to less amount of nutrients being sent to the fetus
  • Miscarriage
  • Low birth weight
  • Premature delivery
  • Underdeveloped or deformities in the organs of the baby
  • Baby getting addicted to those drugs in the womb

Urgent Things To Do If You Are Pregnant And Addicted To Drugs


Pregnant women think it is a matter of shame, hesitate to take medical help. Even if they know that addiction is a worrisome disease, they fear taking treatment thinking of the consequences. One thing should be always kept in mind. Addiction is a deadly disease and it is totally curable. The person can lead a life as they used to live without being addicted to any drugs. Few suggestions to find the perfect treatment center and get control of substance use during pregnancy.

  • Find a woman-specific treatment center
  • Seek one-on-one treatment
  • Choose a dual diagnosis treatment center
  • Safe and secure rehab center

Substance abuse during pregnancy is the prime signal for a substance use disorder. You are not alone. Full proof treatment is available to be the best version for you. Unhesitatingly seek for the best and reward yourself with an addiction-free life.


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